We have Answers

We are a very small company with not a lot of budget for our event. Would DPI be interested in working with us?

We are happy to work with you and find solutions to meet your budget. We can also provide a “shopping list” for you to meet your creative.

I want to do a virtual event but don’t want to go to the expense of renting a studio, yet I still want it to look professional, can you help?

We produce our conference in-house, but really need ideas to create excitement around our theme, like a custom opening production. Would you be interested in helping us in this one area?

Absolutely, happy to work with you and your in-house team for the best solution.

We have a small group on our Incentive trips and can’t afford one of the larger destination management companies, yet we are concerned about booking it ourselves. What should we do?

We can work with you one on one on your Incentive needs from location to travel keeping in mind your budget concerns.